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I've done it again, why is it I can only make people mad?
Just like Sano...
I'm not sure if I can face Haseo again, after all I think I pried a little too much and... I hope he isn't too angry with me.

And speaking of new people, I managed to make another friend!  Her name is Namine, and she's never eaten ice-cream or chocolate before! D:
I'm hoping to introduce her to them, I wonder if she likes peaches. :3

Also, a lot of weird things have been going on, I've heard it's because of those boxes on the ground but... well, I'm not certain if it's safe to touch them anyway.
My mom always told me never to touch weird objects anyway! *nods head*

Anyway, with all that's been going on, since there are so many new people around...
I've been thinking a lot lately, how I've been here for so long, I mean, compared to some others I know my time here is next to nothing, but... I've been here for a long time now, either way I look at it.
I've seen a lot of people come and go, and it makes me wonder why people are chosen to come here, and how they get out too...

I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get to go home.

.... I'm starting to worry I may never seen Sano, or Nakatsu or any of them again.  It's stupid, I know, kind of pathetic...
I really shouldn't worry about this, especially since I haven't seen him in so long, I'm starting to wonder if maybe he went home as well, that... makes me feel sad for some reason.

Saaaahhh.... I'm such a coward, but..... I really wish Sano was here.


I haven't used this in soooo long! D:

Uhm update update... okay, I suppose it'd be a good idea to recount all the stuff that's happened in case I want to look back on it later so uhm... where did I last leave off...?

Well okay, let's list this in (hopefully) chronological order.

- After the whole body switching thing, I think I kind of lost conciousness for a while, because I went to sleep, and when I woke up again, almost a few months had passed!
- I met up with him again, it was... nice.  Very nice, I missed him.
I hope Sano is doing alright, as well as Nakatsu and Rio and all of them...
- I found Heero-san has... well... he's back, but he has no memory of what happened and he doesn't have the tattoo!!  It's so weird... Maybe when you leave this place you lose all memory of it and what happened here.... How scary!  That means I wouldn't remember Lucia or Minako or him at all!
- Speaking of Minako, she found out my secret. ;_;
- I think Heero-san is on to me as well...
- I still have a Tennis match with Minako too...
- I haven't seen Lucia around that much... I'm worried about her....

And I think that's it, I'll write more if I remember anything else later. :|
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This is so preettyy... *pets a rose petal and smiles a little dreamily as she flaps her newfound wings and flits over to another flower and pets that one too*

Hee hee!  Who cares about death or anything?
I like these... I need someone who will carry them for me. *grins and sits on a large leaf of some plant and starts rearranging petals she's found in some abstract order*

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She came to with a start and sat up immediately, glancing about, timidly, she whimpered at the memories that consumed her.

Oh god Heero had been right...

Scuttling back slowly, her back thumped the wall and she stopped, only to cradle her head in her hands as she wept.

She wanted Nakatsu, Rio, Dr. Umeda, Sano... she wanted to be home.
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Blown Away

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Waking up to a dark and dank environment, Ashiya blinked her eyes sleepily and rubbed them in confusion.
While granted this was a nice reprieve from Lucia's constant colors of 'pink, pink and more pink' she was a little concerned that she had been moved without knowing it.
Sitting up, she immediately noticed she felt different.  For one thing... she felt bare.
Squeaking in surprise she glanced down and her eyes widened in shock.
Okay, she may have been masquerading as a boy....
But the last time she checked, she had been fairly sure she wasn't actually a guy!!
Jumping to her feet she stared around, stunned, until she realized this place wasn't wholly unfamiliar.
In fact she recognized it as...
"Uh oh."  She whispered, her hand flying to her mouth as an expression of terror took her mind over.  Noticing she could see fine, even though no light penetrated, she glanced at her hand and her fears were confirmed.
The tattoos.
Groaning mentally, she whimpered.
How had this happened?
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Oddly enough... I thought sleeping on the ground would be a whole lot more uncomfortable... but I think that's the best sleep I've had since I got here.

Uhm.... let see... I have to go... er... thank Duo-kun for trying to help me out.
As well as... avoid Heero work a little more on my martial arts... I wonder if anyone here does hand to hand fighting...

Oh wait, I'm not supposed to ask anyone except him for help! ;;

But I don't want to bug him... or be a burden or anything...
Grah, I'm so confused on what to do...

Oh, I also have to find a priest... I wonder if we have a priest in the area....

I'm hungry now... I feel really weird today, maybe because I'm so relaxed and not wired like usual...

I also hafta apologize to Lucia, because I wasn't there last night to share rooms, I'll hafta make up for that...
I wonder if she likes chocolate...

Well... I'm gonna go find the kitchen now...
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I met so many new people by coming here... but I still miss Sano and the others. :/

I also made a friend, he's a bit weird, we met in the library and uh- well... it seems he has ... acquired Heero-san's laptop. I don't think he'll be happy about that...
I'm not sure what he was doing, or what he was trying to do... but at some point of our conversation he almost took a knife to me! D:
But... he didn't, I don't know why... but it kind of made me sad that he hurt himself at not me...
I want to be his friend... but I'm useless to help him...

So! I've decided I'm going to become not-useless!
Which is why I'm going to go look for Heero-san. ;_;
I hope he doesn't kill me.

And I'm almost done my map, but I haven't labeled rooms because I think we're all going to be switching roomates and stuff!

I hope I get someone who won't find out my secret. ;___;
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